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Weather in Malta

This Malta weather page will give you an outlook of the variable temperatures on the Maltese Islands throughout the year, mainly put together for the visitor to Malta and Gozo. This weather page will give you an idea of what temperature conditions to expect for the time of year you decide to visit. The information provided will also be helpful when it comes to deciding what clothes to pack and, depending on the type of holiday you are looking out for, what would be the best time of year to visit the Maltese Islands.

Malta Winter Weather

The weather in Malta during winter is mild compared to other Mediterranean Islands. The air is cooler than the rest of the year, with a combination of bright sunny days or grey days and rain spells sometimes lasting up to 3 consecutive days! However, having said that, these wet days tend to offer intervals of either a clear morning or afternoon. The average temperature is approximately 11 degree Celsius which for the locals is considered to be ‘cold’. This should give all visitors from ‘the North’ a better perception of the Maltese Islands as a ‘winter sun’ destination.

Springtime Weather in Malta

The temperature in Malta is variable yet comfortable, with a low chance of rain or ‘bad’ weather. As the days progress the temperature increases at a steady momentum making a visit to the beach a possibility during the month of May. If not for a dip in the Med at least one can enjoy a relaxing bathe in the sun on one of the beaches scattered around the Islands.  The sea temperature is approximately 18 degree Celsius and the average weather temperature ranges between 20 to 24 degree Celsius with the lowest being 12 degree Celsius during the night. Lighter clothing is recommended for this time of year but good to bear in mind that the evenings will still be that little bit cooler than daytime.

Malta Summer Weather

Summer temperatures in Malta kicks in anytime from end of May beginning of June. Well into the summer season the weather is hot and dry with temperatures souring high up to 36 degree Celsius, sunny days guaranteed! Mornings are ideal to do your shopping or visiting attractions. As for the afternoons the only place to be is at the beach or anywhere by the sea or pool side, close enough to cool off at any given opportunity. Boat trips in Malta are a fantastic way to feel that occasional cool breeze whilst sailing and taking a dip in the cool Mediterranean water. The locals usually tend to remain indoors between noon and 4pm and head to the coast later in the day. During July and August southerly winds increase humidity in the air which may cause some discomfort; even the lightest of clothing become intolerable. Nevertheless, temporary remedies on hand such as swimming, air conditioned rooms or an ice chilled drink, just enough to take the edge of it!

Autumn Weather in Malta

September first rain showers are welcomed, clearing the air from high levels of humidity, thus making the air fresher and more comfortable to be in. Malta is a pleasurable autumn destination with its’ warm sunny days and slightly cooler evenings. October has an average temperature of 25 degree Celsius, so this time of year is ideal for sightseeing. The country side around Malta becomes more lush and green after the first rains and people still venture down to the beach making the most of the last possible days of warm sea temperatures and bathing. The sea temperature at this time of year is 23 degree Celsius, still warm enough to swim in.

Although the temperatures cool down drastically in Malta and Gozo, end of October into November, the Maltese Islands still enjoy sunny, warm days, in comparison to the weather situation in other European countries, therefore still making it a popular destination to visit.